Enjoying good health is something more than being physically well: our health also relates to our emotional, spiritual and mental spheres. Being well also and especially means “feeling well”. For modern-day doctors, it is no longer sufficient to cure, but it becomes essential to prevent, inform and promote healthy behavior aimed at complete well-being. In practical terms this signifies: keeping up-to-date with the most innovative techniques and methods; opening up to the knowledge, if not the practice, of complementary medicine; acquiring communication skills through specific training courses.


26/01/2019 - Uomini e profeti - Radio3 Intervista della D.ssa Lucilla Ricottini e Lorenzo Salvi, esperti di pratiche "ripartire" nelle scuole...

Medicine that cures

Humanely practiced medicine is inevitably integrated medicine and it utilizes all the most recent scientific and technological advancements, but also takes into consideration complementary know-how. In addition to conventional medicine, which forms the basis of my training and to which I constantly refer, in my professional practice I utilize complementary medicine electively, because of its great effectiveness in the prevention of disease. Homeopathy and homotoxicology, phytotherapy, nutraceutical and Bach flower remedies are powerful tools for prevention and cure. I am specialized in pediatrics and I possess solid education and training in Nutritional Sciences and experience in the allergy field. My patients are both adults and children. In the homeopathic field, I coordinated the first Italian Clinical Research Project (Clinical) until 2015. During my time with the project, numerous scientific papers were produced and published in indexed journals.

A relationship that cures

Everyone involved in the healthcare sector, and thus in professions that help others, shares the desire to contribute to the well-being of others, offering solutions to the health issues that are presented to them. Every physician knows how important it is to establish a good alliance with his patient: diagnoses are easier; there is a greater adherence to the prescribed therapy; the effectiveness of the cure increases. The alliance originates in the quality of the relationship between the doctor and the patient. Unfortunately it is not a simple task to establish a good working relationship during a medical appointment: it requires acute listening skills and an empathetic manner. However, when the alliance works, something special occurs and healing already begins during the appointment… As I am aware of this phenomenon, through the years I have dedicated much time and energy to my listening skills training.