Conventional Medicine

This field of study is undertaken in universities. It is also called, improperly so by some, traditional medicine. It is more correctly defined as conventional or academic medicine. In the past fifty years conventional medicine has been above all biochemical molecular, pharmacological, genetic, bio-engineering: it is not an exact science, but it follows a scientific methodology in that it is based on experimental verifications that utilize tools of the exact sciences.
All treatment systems which pass experimental verification conducted with scientific methods, can rightly be considered “Medicine”.
The goal of Medicine is promoting health, treating diseases and creating the conditions which will benefit the mental and physical well-being of individuals. “Curing” diseases is not always possible and in any case would require a precise knowledge of every disease besides a clear knowledge of the causes. It is crucial that healthcare professionals maintain a program of constant refresher training, at the same time recognizing the limits of human knowledge regarding the complexities of biological phenomena. Conventional medicine is obliged to deal with the different individual biological responses, the toxicity of many medicines and the adverse effects induced by the treatments themselves (iatrogenic damage).
Scientific studies continue to emphasize the need to develop individualized treatments and for the past few years, researchers have also pointed out the importance of proper communication for therapeutic effectiveness, compelling healthcare professionals to assess the need for the acquisition of specific skills.
In Italy, the objectives of the new doctor’s curriculum include “being able to communicate appropriately with the patient”.

Training and Personal Experience

My years of training were characterized by a constant and intense commitment, motivated by a great passion and sustained by enthusiasm. During my studies, in addition to my university courses, I volunteered in the wards and Emergency Rooms of many Roman hospitals. I also interned for a few months at the famous Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford (Great Britain), having previously earned the Certificate of Proficiency in English.
I obtained a degree with honors in Medicine and General Surgery in 1984 from the Università degli Studi di Roma “la Sapienza”. I completed my postgraduate studies in Pediatrics, with honors, in 1988.
My postgraduate training was in Respiratory Allergology and successively in Gastroenterology and Metabolic Disorders. During my postgraduate studies I published numerous research papers in specialized journals and was invited to the ICP in Brussels for an internship in Physiopathology of the Human Metabolism. I won a competition to work in the Italian Public Hospital System and was a Neonatal Pediatrician at the S. Eugenio Hospital in Rome from March 1990 to April 1996.
From 1996 I have been working exclusively in private practice, both clinical and in teaching.
I have taught numerous Training Courses, as well as courses organized by the Region, and I have been nominated to posts as External Faculty Member (University of Calabria � Arcavacata, University of Parma, Occidental University of Piedmont). I have participated as a speaker at medical conventions and conferences and I have also published several books.
I constantly continue to bring myself up to date, taking refresher and Continuing Education and Master courses, because I believe that for healthcare professionals bringing oneself up to date constitutes a form of respect for one�s professionalism, in addition to being a duty toward one�s patients. In April 2016, I became a member of the AGENAS Scientific Committee for its Continuing Medical Education program.
I obtained a Diploma in Master Gestalt Counseling, in order to develop the communicative skills valuable in establishing a therapeutic alliance between doctor and patient, or, when the patient is a child, among the doctor, the child and the child�s family.
Since 2012, I have been working as a trainer in Health Communication for several hospitals. (Go to my C.V.)