A “Child” is not a small human being, but a growing human being and it is to this being that the pediatrician must relate.
If we look at a child as a growing and developing human being we can consider two functions as objectively obtained reference parameters:
• staturoponderal growth
• sexual maturation.
Sexual maturation (the beginning of which is indicated by the appearance of secondary sexual characteristics between the ages of 10-12 years) occurs on average between 13 and 15 years of age; statural growth continues until age 18. The old definition of a child, “a human being from birth until puberty or until the beginning of puberty, when the secondary sexual characteristics begin to show”, seems outdated because it is not sufficient to describe completely a phase of human life characterized by growth and maturation processes. A child’s body is in continuous evolution, mutable in its own physiological expression as in its pathological one. It is thus essential that in Medicine there exist a specific approach to children. The Pediatrician understands the peculiarities of the human body in the growth and development phase; can identify typical childhood diseases and distinguishes them from the phases of the body’s functional tasks; utilizes communication strategies appropriate for children in different age ranges. A children’s Doctor is also a Child Care Professional: he has a major influence on prevention (attention to the environment, to the child’s diet in his different stages, to relational problems within the family); he serves a psychopedagocic role (evaluates the relationship between child and mass-media, between child and school, but also between child and hospital in case of hospitalization); he has the possibility to shape individual and family choices in order to promote the best psycho-physical development of the child.

Training and Personal Experience

I completed my postgraduate studies in Pediatrics in 1988. My training is in the allergology and metabolic fields. I worked for several years at the Ospedale S. Eugenio in Rome as a Neonatal Pediatrician. I authored a book on Communication in Pediatrics and I collaborated in the writing of a book on Neonatology. I have also taught Pediatrics for Nursing Schools and trained professionals in the field. For 10 years I taught a master’s class in Pediatric Biological Medicine.. (Go to my C.V.)

My experience in pediatrics currently serves me best in the field of Complementary Medicine in which the knowledge of biological bases and Nutritional Science can be well connected to my homeopathic training and allows me to act effectively in prevention, or, if needed, to establish a personalized treatment.