Curriculum Vitae

Personal information

Name: Lucilla Ricottini
Date of birth: 26-02-1958

Work experience

From February 1985: Self-employed professional with Private Practice
From March 1990 to April 1996: Neonatal Pediatrician (Department Assistant) at the Ospedale S.Eugenio, II° Università di Roma
• Educator at Hospitals, Italian and Foreign Universities, Maternity and Birthing Centers
• Speaker at Italian and International conventions

Education and training

Università di Roma, La Sapienza:
• Degree in Medicine and General Surgery (July 1984 final mark 110/110 with honors)
• Postgraduate degree in Pediatrics (November 1988 final mark 70/70 with honors)
• Postgraduate studies in Nutritional Science and Psychoimmunology
• Three year master course in Gestalt Counselling (ASPIC)
• First level master in Prevention and Assistance of Overweight, Obesity and Eating Disorders

Personal skills and competences

• Advanced course in NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming)
• Training in “Inner Child Co-Dependency” (Counselling)
• Diploma in Homeopathy
• Diploma in Homotoxicology
• 1st and 2nd level Eav Electro Acupuncture of Dr. Voll (Amideav)
• Floritherapy course (AMIF)
• Teacher of Homeopathy since 1991 - (ISMO)
• Teacher at AIOT since 1998
• Gestalt counselor
• National coordinator of the Physiological Regulating Medicine Research Project
• Teacher in Learning Love Method (work on Inner Child Co- Dependency) since 2008
• International Intensive Training in NVC (Nonviolent Communication)
• Teacher in Medical Counseling since 2010 (A.S.P.I.C.)

Mother Tongue


Other Languages

• Excellent knowledge of English, both written and oral (proficiency in English 1981)
• Good knowledge of French, both written and oral
• Good knowledge of Spanish, oral

Social skills and competences

• Excellent social and relational skills in hospitals, with colleagues; in my medical practice, with my secretary
• Ability to live and work abroad
• Four month internship at the Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford (Renal unit, Haematology)

Organizational skills and competeces

• Excellent skills in coordinating people and projects (Founder and Director of the Center for Integrative Medicine “Sotto il ciliegio” in Rome, 1996-1998)
• Coordinator of the National Research Project in Homeopathic and Physiological Regulating Medicine Clinical GUNA (2008-2009)
• Volunteer pediatrician at the Ambulatorio Multietnico (Via Salaria, Rome)

Artistic skills and competences

• Outstanding writing skills (poetry and prose - winner of several competitions)

Other skills and competences

• Diploma in International Expert Speaker on Homotoxicology
• Homeopathy Tutor for The Roman Medical Association (1999)

Additional Information

• Refresher courses in General and Emergency Medicine, Child Respiratory Physiopathology, Pediatric Urology, Neonatology
• Scientific work and publications pertaining to Allergology, Metabolism, Neonatology, Biotypology and Homeopathy
• Author and co-author of several scientific books in the medical field